Top 8 Advantages Of Using GitHub – Semalt Expert

If you are a software developer or programmer, then you must have heard about GitHub. This hosting service has extraordinary features such as tools for task management and a web-based graphical interface.

It hosts the source code projects in multiple programming languages and keeps track of changes made to iterations. It also possesses collaborative features such as wikis and bug tracking. The major advantages of using GitHub are discussed below.

1. Different plans available:

GitHub offers both basic and advanced plans and is suitable-to-use by professionals and non-professionals. You can choose a plan based on your requirements and host different open-source software projects conveniently. GitHub claims to have over 15 million active users worldwide and more than 55 million repositories, making it one of the largest platforms ever.

2. Documentation:

With GitHub, you can undertake different open source projects such as in-depth documentation and get feedback from the experts. This program makes it easy for you to analyze the quality of your scraped content.

3. Showcase your work:

Do you want to showcase your work and attract more customers? GitHub is the most reliable and best tool in this regard; with it, developers can showcase their work and engage more and more recruiters or customers from all parts of the world.

4. Create your account easily:

If you want to get benefited from GitHub, you would have to create an account. However, public repositories can be downloaded and browsed without an account. As a registered user, you will be able to manage, discuss and create different repositories, submit your contributions and review code changes.

5. Social networking functions:

GitHub provides great social networking functions such as wikis, followers, likes, shares, comments, and feeds. Its particular social network graph helps you display your work and keeps you updated on the trending topics.

6. Markdown:

Markdown lets us use a simple text editor to edit or write different documents. Unlike other ordinary tools, it not only formats your content in an organized form but also saves it in its own database for offline uses.

7. Track changes in different versions:

When different people collaborate on the project, it may not be easy to keep track of everything. But with GitHub, you can track changes and keep records of revisions. This software works exactly like Google Drive and Microsoft Word; with GitHub, you can access different versions of a file and don't need to learn advanced programming languages at all.

8. Compatible with different platforms:

One of the most distinctive features of GitHub is that it is compatible with Google Cloud and Amazon. Also, this software highlights syntax in more than 150 programming languages and simplifies your work.

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